Main Objective

The principal mission is to promote the advancement of knowledge about the most unknown aspects of our history that have remained hidden throughout the centuries

Our Challenge

Our challenge is to find the evidence of the existence of a very advanced Original Mother Culture mentioned by all ancient traditions


We collaborate with the best scientists from the world's leading universities and research centres

Anselm Pi Rambla

President & Founder

Born in Catalonia (Spain), he studied at the Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences of Barcelona.
Researcher, explorer and ethnohistorian, he has specialized for many years in ancient civilizations and in Eastern, Indo-European and pre-Columbian cultures, carrying out numerous studies and works in various areas of science such as history, philosophy, archaeology and anthropology, covering unknown aspects of our evolution and history that have remained hidden throughout the centuries.

At the age of 30, he came into contact with Tibetan Lamaism through one of its most important teachers, Kalou Kempo Rimpoche, one of the few people who knew the teachings of Kalachakra. In the Monastery of Sonada (Darjeeling, India) he deepens his knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism and its secret symbology.

In 1982, after his experience in India, he bought a 17-meter-long sailboat made in the shipyards of Auray (Morbihan, France) and formed a multidisciplinary research and exploration team, called BOHIC RUZ, with the objective of studying and researching the most unfathomable mysteries of our past. Making various expeditions and explorations throughout Asia, Europe, America and Oceania as well as important voyages in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, he has collected a lot of data that will provide a new vision into the history of ancient civilizations.

He carries out archaeological and anthropological work with the Peruvian Government, rescuing important remains for the Cultural Heritage of the Peruvian Nation.

His latest project "THE SECRET OF THE ANDES” tries to solve what is hidden inside the Andean mountain range.

Principal Team Members